Welcome Tournesol®:  The Module System
Tournesol® is an all-weather swimming pool in a module system,
embedded in an overall concept which goes
far beyond planning
and construction aspects.
And which has already considered
the future in its plans – key words:
Transformation in heath awareness
(health care reform, longer working lives)
and a corresponding change in tourism.

The Tournesol® All-Weather Swimming Pool is characterized by
its special dome design.
Segments of this dome can be opened.
So an
outdoor swimming pool and an indoor pool are built simultaneously.

Two in one – for every season.
For any kind of weather.
For year-round profitability.

The module system stands for the fact,
that the all-weather swimming pool can be expanded one stage at a time –
by adding the sections for fitness, wellness, gymnastics, for example,
and many more.
Everything is there and ready for add-ons right from the beginning.
So a simple swimming pool becomes a total experience package
covering every aspect of health – even including therapy possibilities.
A very important aspect for the future.