Welcome Tournesol®:  The Profitability

Why is the Tournesol® All-Weather Swimming Pool profitable?

It is embedded in an overall concept,
which offers the possibility of sustained operation at a profit.

The decisive factors are
the construction conception and the accompanying operational
and marketing concepts which have been tailored to the requirements
of each customer.

The designers have succeeded in lowering the factor energy costs
to such an extent that it is far below any previous average values.
State-of-the-art technology reduces operating costs substantially.

New, innovative forms of activation of parts of the structure have also resulted in major reductions in operating costs.

The Tournesol® total package includes in addition both an

Operating concept and a
Marketing concept.

Both concepts are tailored to meet the requirements of each particular
site and its circumstances.

The individual bundling of competence and consulting creates the decisive prerequisites for exploiting both the operation and the marketing
as a contribution to profitable operation.

As part of the Tournesol® total concept, you can
even take advantage of financing opportunities with a well-known
cooperation partner from the sector of financial services.

What other benefits does the Tournesol® All-Weather Swimming Pool have to offer?

It is built by an internationally known general contractor:

As a turnkey facility
Almost completed furnished and fitted
Within one year after construction begins.