Welcome Tournesol®:  The Concept

The complete Tournesol® Concept
grew out of the Tournesol® All-Weather Swimming Pool.

It is for one the idea of modular construction which makes it possible to expand
   the basic module in several stages temporally separate from one another.
   All of the preparatory work has been done.

For another, the concept is based on the idea of offering communities
   a perfect, finished, yet individual solution:
   construction by a general contractor, a turnkey facility,
   at a guaranteed fixed price, within one year after construction begins.
   The benefits for the community are obvious.

Third, the total package for the concept includes additional “software”:
   the operator concept, the marketing concept, the financing concept –
   and last but not least, the project study, especially tailored
   for the community and the site.
   All of this together gives you an ideal foundation for confidently
   making your decision.